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Dump Trucks Auctions

Indiana Truck Auction provides a variety of heavy duty trucks and medium duty trucks for auction in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Attend our dump trucks auctions for access to many different used dump trucks for sale. Our dump truck auctions have a variety of dump truck types for sale by many different truck manufacturers. To locate what dump trucks are available at the dump truck auction, please view our Run Lists or truck inventory.

Our dump truck auctions provide many different types of dump trucks for sale. We offer standard dump trucks, articulated dump trucks, transfer dump trucks, semi end dump trucks, super dump trucks, semi bottom dump trucks, side dump trucks, and off-road dump trucks at our dump trucks auctions. Each of these dump trucks work specifically for certain tasks. For example, a semi bottom dump truck works well to spread gravel, but is unsuitable for asphalt. When choosing a dump truck to bid on at the dump truck auctions, please be aware of which dump truck best suits your construction or general trucking needs.

Bidders should also strongly consider who manufactured the dump truck before bidding at our dump truck auction. Each truck manufacturer produces their dump trucks with different purposes in mind. Our dump trucks auctions provide International dump trucks, Peterbilt dump trucks, Western Star dump trucks, and many other truck manufacturer’s trucks for sale. This provides many different options of dump trucks to choose from at the dump truck auction.

Before attending our dump trucks auctions, review the auction Run List and truck inventory. Searches for truck types, truck manufacturers, truck engines, and other truck specifications may be conducted. To find a dump truck, simply select dump truck in the drop down menu. You may also search for dump trucks by manufacturer. This will allow you to filter the results to only show that manufacturer’s dump trucks for sale at the dump truck auctiondump truck auctions, have a professional inspect the dump truck. This will allow you to subtract any needed repairs from your bidding price at the dump truck auction.

Contact Indiana Truck Auction at 800-488-5338 for information on the dump truck auctions in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Our employees can answer any questions a first time dump truck auction or regular auction attendee may have. We look forward to helping you find the dump truck you need!