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Heavy Truck Auctions

Indiana Truck Auction provides a variety of trucks at our heavy truck auctions. Heavy duty trucks are used in almost every industry. Whether you are a food producer or a furniture store, you’ve most likely had supplies shipped to you in a heavy duty truck at some point. Indiana Truck Auction’s heavy duty truck auction supplies powerful, heavy duty trucks. Heavy duty trucks are class 7-8 trucks. These trucks are often equipped with equipment for specific industries. Indiana Truck Auction offers heavy truck auctions in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The heavy trucks auction has a variety of heavy duty trucks designed for different heavy duty truck industry needs. View our Run List or heavy trucks auction inventory to locate a truck in our big truck auctions.

Indiana Trucks Auction’s heavy duty truck auctions provide a variety of manufacturer’s trucks. Our heavy truck auction has International trucks for sale, Kenworth trucks for sale, Hino trucks for sale, and many other truck manufacturers. Our heavy truck auctions also provide a variety of different heavy duty trucks. We provide any type of heavy duty truck at our heavy trucks auction from heavy duty semi trucks to dump trucks. Each truck at our big trucks auctions has different characteristics. Many trucks come with a sleeper, while others are just a cabin with a driver and a passenger seat. Some heavy duty truck auction trucks are manufactured by one company, but they may come with a Cummins engine or other engine type. Our heavy duty truck auction inventory provides you with all the important details about each heavy duty truck for sale.

Big Truck Auctions  Heavy Truck Auction

The heavy duty trucking industry is continually updating trucking technologies. Much advancement has been made in making engines more fuel efficient. Safety measures in the production of truck cabs have also been evolving. Indiana Truck Auction’s heavy truck auctions supply many heavy duty trucks with these advancements. These heavy duty truck details are also listed in our heavy truck auction inventory list.

Use Indiana Truck Auction’s truck inventory search engine to locate a heavy duty truck for sale at our heavy truck auctions. Select trucks by type, engine, truck manufacturer, or other heavy duty truck specification in the drop down menu. Search results will yield a variety of available heavy duty trucks, depending on your search criteria. Contact Indiana Truck Auction for questions about our heavy duty truck auction or other Fort Wayne auctions.