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Commercial Trucks Sale

Indiana Truck Auction is the primary provider of commercial trucks for sale in Fort Wayne, Indiana. We offer commercial vehicle sales at our truck auction the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month. Whether you need utility trucks or a semi truck, we offer the commercial truck for sale that you need. View our Run Lists or truck inventory to locate our available commercial trucks for sale.

Indiana Truck Auction understands the ins and outs of the commercial trucking industry. We provide commercial trucks for sale that will meet all truck industry needs. Our commercial trucks sale inventory is provided by businesses, the government, truck dealers, and financial institutions. Most of the inventory includes used commercial trucks. We recommend arriving to the truck auction early to inspect the heavy duty trucks you are interested in purchasing. This will give you an idea of what repairs may be needed and the costs of those repairs. We also recommend knowing the correct payment method before bidding on any commercial truck for sale.

Our truck inventory includes many different commercial trucks for sale. We offer water trucks for sale, log trucks for sale, delivery trucks for sale, dump trucks for sale, semi trucks for sale, and many other commercial trucks for sale. Not only do we provide a wide variety of commercial trucks for sale, but we also provide many different manufactured brands. We offer Freightliner trucks for sale, Peterbilt trucks for sale, Hino trucks for sale, Isuzu trucks for sale, and many other truck manufacturer brands.

Because we offer such a wide selection of commercial trucks for sale, we recommend thoroughly researching the trucks before the truck auction. Many truck manufacturers offer different features on their commercial trucks. Safety features, fuel efficiency, off-road capabilities, and cab size are just a few of the features that may vary in each commercial truck for sale. To find a commercial truck for sale that meets your trucking needs, use our truck inventory search engine. Searches can be conducted via truck manufacturer, truck type, truck engine, and other truck specifications.

Contact Indiana Truck Auction for more information on the commercial trucks sale in Fort Wayne, Indiana. In addition to our heavy duty truck auction, we also offer a dealer auto auction, public auto auction, and salvage car auction in Fort Wayne. Call (800) 488-5338 for more information about any of our Fort Wayne auctions or assistance with our truck inventory Run Lists.