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Dump Truck

Indiana Truck Auction offers dump trucks for sale at the Fort Wayne truck auction. Dump trucks are used for a variety of industry purposes. The Indiana Truck Auction is held every second and fourth Tuesday of the month at noon. Our dump trucks are supplied from businesses, financial institutions, the government, and truck dealers. Many of the dump trucks have been repossessed from the previous owners. This makes the dump trucks for sale a more financially fiscal choice versus new dump trucks.

Dump trucks can carry a variety of materials including gravel, dirt, and sand. Indiana Truck Auction supplies many different types of dump trucks for sale. Dump trucks come in standard, transfer, superdump, truck and pup, semi trailer end, semi trailer bottom, side, and double and triple trailer bottom dump truck styles. The best dump truck for your business depends on what tasks you need accomplished. Each type of dump truck has pros and cons associated with it. For example, the side dump truck is a great choice for working in uneven work zones. This is because the side dump truck doesn’t tip over easily. Another thing to consider when choosing dump trucks is the cab style. Some cabs allow sleeper space, while other cabs only allow for a driver and passenger. Buyers should also consider the fuel efficiency of the vehicle. Having a dump truck with better fuel efficiency would be substantially more cost effective in the long run.

The dump trucks for sale at the Indiana Truck Auction have been used previously. Therefore, we recommend that buyers inspect the dump truck before the truck auction begins. Estimate the costs of repairs and subtract that value from your maximum bid. This will prevent you from going over your budget. Buyers should also know which payment method is preferred before attending the truck auction. Some payment methods may not be accepted.

Indiana Truck offers many different dump trucks for sale. If you are interested in buying a dump truck, view our Run Lists or truck inventory. The inventory search engine conducts searches via truck engine, truck type, truck manufacturer, or other truck specifications. Simply select your specified search criteria from the drop down menu. For example, searches can be conducted for dump trucks and then narrowed by engine type, such as Cummins engines. Contact Indiana Truck Auction at (800) 488-5338 for more information about the dump truck auction or our truck inventory.