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Moving Trucks For Sale

Indiana Truck Auction sells heavy duty trucks and medium duty trucks at the Fort Wayne truck auction. The truck auction is held every second and fourth Tuesday of the month at noon. The trucks sold at the truck auction are from businesses, truck dealers, the government, and financial institutions. The trucks are used and repossessed vehicles. This makes them highly affordable compared to new trucks. If you are interested in moving trucks for sale, view the Indiana Truck Auction Run List or inventory list. Our Fort Wayne auction provides a variety of moving trucks for sale each month.

Moving trucks aren’t just used for residential and commercial relocation. Moving trucks also work well to transport furniture and other commercial goods from business to business. The truck’s original purpose impacted the characteristics of the moving truck. Indiana Truck Auction’s moving trucks for sale have a variety of different features. Most of the moving trucks for sale are a maximum of 7m in length. Buyers should review the safety features, cab features, and fuel efficiency of the moving trucks before attending the truck auction. Some of the moving trucks open to the cargo rear from the cab. This allows drivers to have easier access to the cargo. We recommend that buyers fully understand what features the moving truck has before placing bids at the truck auction. Buyers should also be aware of the required payment method for the moving trucks for sale. Unauthorized payment methods may be rejected at the truck auction.

Before the truck auction begins, buyers should inspect the moving trucks for sale. Because the box trucks have been used previously, they may need minor repairs. Buyers should subtract the amount of repair costs from the maximum bidding offer. This will prevent going over budget in the long run. Even though the moving truck may require some repairs, it is still more affordable to buy a truck at auction than at a truck dealership.

If you’re interested in moving trucks for sale, view the Indiana Truck Auction Run Lists or truck inventory list. To locate moving trucks for sale, use the inventory search engine. Searches can be conducted via truck type, truck manufacturer, truck engine, or other truck specification. Contact Indiana Truck Auction at (800) 488-5338 for questions about the truck inventory or Fort Wayne truck auction.