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Used Garbage Trucks

Indiana Truck Auction provides a variety of truck manufacturers’ truck types for sale at the Fort Wayne truck auction. When people think of the trucking industry, they often think of semi trucks or dump trucks. However, a huge trucking industry involves refuse trucks, also known as garbage trucks. While some people may not think of a refuse truck as a glamorous truck to drive, garbage trucks are a vital part of our society and need to be in proper working condition at all times. Refuse trucks must be able to lift heavy amounts of garbage and maintain enough power to drive it to the specified dumping location. If you need used garbage trucks for your business, come to one of our Fort Wayne truck auctions.

Indiana Truck Auction provides a variety of used garbage trucks for sale at our Fort Wayne truck auction. Our used garbage trucks for sale include front loader garbage trucks, rear loader refuse trucks, side loader garbage trucks, pneumatic refuse trucks, and grapple garbage trucks. Used garbage trucks with front loading systems work well for commercial and industrial businesses. Rear loading used garbage trucks either have a lifting mechanism in the back or require a refuse collector. Side loading used garbage trucks also have a lifting mechanism or require a garbage collector. The waste is moved towards the rear of the truck to maintain space for more garbage. If the side loader is automated, it only requires one person. This is a much more economical choice than a rear loading refuse truck, which requires up to three people. Pneumatic refuse trucks use a crane mechanism to collect garbage. The crane is usually controlled by the refuse truck driver. The final type of used garbage trucks we have available are grapple refuse trucks. Grapple trucks collect bulky refuse with a clamp-like bucket. Some of the used garbage trucks include hydraulic powered walls that pack the garbage, while others do not. Make sure you know the specifics of the refuse truck you are interested in buying before you make a bid.

Indiana Truck Auction provides many different types of used garbage trucks for sale at our Fort Wayne truck auction. View our Run Lists and truck inventory to find which of our used garbage trucks works best for you. You can also search by truck manufacturer to narrow your search results. Contact Indiana Truck Auction at 800-488-5338 for more information about the truck inventory or Fort Wayne truck auction.