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Water Trucks For Sale

Indiana Truck Auction has many different types of water trucks for sale at the Fort Wayne, Indiana truck auction. The trucks are supplied from businesses, the government, financial institutions, and used truck dealerships. The Fort Wayne auction occurs every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month at noon. If you are interested in buying water trucks for sale, view the truck auction Run Lists or truck inventory. The available water trucks for sale varies per truck auction, so check the inventory often before each truck auction.

Water trucks are used for a variety of purposes. Water trucks can transport drinking water to destinations across the US. The amount of water the trucks are capable of carrying varies. However, some water trucks can hold up to 10,000 gallons of water. Water trucks are also used to transport swimming pool water, farm irrigating water, and firefighting water. Indiana Truck Auction strives to provide water trucks for sale that meet all these purposes at the Fort Wayne truck auction.

Before attending the truck auction, we recommend reviewing the truck inventory. The available water trucks for sale vary each auction event. Buyers can search the truck inventory via truck type, truck manufacturer, truck engine, and other truck characteristics. If you’re interested in water trucks for sale, simply select water trucks as the truck type. Select an engine type, like Cummins engines, to narrow the search results further. Cab sizes, safety features, water pumps, water tanks, and fuel efficiency will differ with each water truck. Make sure the water trucks for sale meet your specific industry needs. Another thing to be aware of is the payment method. Note what payment method is required before attending the auction, as other payment methods may not be accepted.

Once buyers are at the truck auction, we recommend inspecting the water trucks for sale before the auction bidding starts. Inspecting the water trucks will help decipher what repairs the truck might need. The water trucks for sale have been used previously and could need some minor maintenance repairs. Subtract the expected cost of repairs from your maximum bidding amount. This will prevent you from spending more money than you had planned. While some water trucks may need repairs, the used water trucks for sale are still a more affordable alternative to new water trucks. Contact Indiana Truck Auction at (800) 488-5338 for more information about the Fort Wayne truck auction today!